Water PH

PH 11.0 Alkalinity 4
Eliminate the fishy smell of meat and fish; accelerate the process of soup- making; keep vegetable leaves fresh during cooking.

PH 9.5 Alkalinity 3
Nice to drink for long time; fresh and sweet taste; high dissolution and penetrability activate internal metabolism.

PH 9.0 Alkalinity 2
Delicious and fragrant rice and also not easy to turn bad in cooking; remove acerbity in tea-making; having delicate and fragrant taste in coffee-making.

PH 8.5 Alkalinity 1
Best to drink the water in this state from the very beginning and gradually come to the stage of daily drink due to different personal adaptations.

PH 7 Pure water
Better to use purified water to have milk and take medicine

PH 6 Acidity 1
Astringent effect in washing face to reach the function of cosmetology

PH 4 Acidity 2
Sterilization and disinfection in cleansing the kitchenware; eliminate the residual agricultural chemicals from fruits and vegetable if soaking the in acid ionic water.