Ionizer T400


Multi function ionizer water

• High Alkaline
• High Permeability
• High Antioxidants
• High Energy

Latest technology from Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and China.


Remove harmful substances: Multi-stage filtration of impurities in tap water and electrolytic separation, decomposition of harmful substances.

Contain a balance of beneficial minerals: After the water is electrolyzed, minerals are ionized, for body to absorb.

Weakly Alkaline: After the water is electrolyzed, calcium, magnesium and other mineral ions increases, and produce Hydroxyl Ion become alkaline, can neutralize the acidity and toxins of the body.

Small molecules of water, the water is electrolyzed, 13 water molecules in ordinary water is broken into Hexagonal water, penetration of six water molecules, dissolved strong.

There was a negative reduction potential: After the water is electrolyzed, consumed energy is converted to chemical energy, Energy memory in the water, so the water was negative potential, which is carrying a negative Ion, and has a strong reducing power.